The North-West University’s (威利斯人app) stance on the vaccination of 学生 against Covid-19

Taking the current variant and its severity into consideration, and the advice from medical experts, we have adopted a non-mandatory vaccination requirement stance for all 学生 and student activities that are hosted by the 威利斯人app. Please note that the vaccination exemption process has been suspended as part of our non-mandatory vaccination requirement stance. Read the full communique (released 9 June 2022) 在这里

The North-West University’s (威利斯人app) stance on the vaccination of employees against Covid-19

Taking the current variant and its severity into consideration, the 威利斯人app has adopted a “non-mandatory vaccination requirement” for nearly all our occupational positions at the 威利斯人app. The only occupational position w在这里 mandatory vaccination is required, is for staff working at the 威利斯人app Health Care Centres. Read the relevant communiques (25 May 2022 and 11 July 2022) 在这里.

威利斯人app Covid-19 information hub

威利斯人app via for any Covid-19 (Coronavirus) queries or find contact details for 威利斯人app Health Care Centres 在这里.

威利斯人app statistics

Covid-19 is still in our midst and we all have to remain vigilant in protecting ourselves and those around us.

We urge all members of the 威利斯人app family to ad在这里 to the regulations and protocols that are aimed to curb the continuous spread of this pandemic. We continue to encourage staff and 学生 to register and receive their vaccination, even if this is not compulsory at this stage.

Covid Positive Cases

Covid-19 positive persons:

As of today, 星期五, 29 July 2022, we are aware of a cumulative total of 1 621 colleagues, 学生, contract workers and visitors who have tested positive for the coronavirus. These persons and their families are or were in quarantine or self-isolation in compliance with the relevant regulations and protocols.

We are thankful to report that 1 620 of the persons who were positive have now recovered from the virus.

Covid Contact

Contact with Covid-19 positive persons

Approximately 4 065 people (staff, 学生 and contract workers) may have been in contact with persons who have tested positive, and all of them have completed the prescribed period and have been cleared.

威利斯人app Covid Deaths

Covid-19 deaths

It is with sadness that we still remember the 14 members of the 威利斯人app family who have already passed away due to Covid-19.

Please take care and protect yourselves and those around you. Kindly ensure that all national regulations and 威利斯人app protocols are ad在这里d to.


Teaching and learning information

Information for distance learning 学生

Learning Support Centres for 威利斯人app ODL 学生 will still be closed until further notice. Lectures will be pre-recorded so that 学生 do not miss out on the necessary support. The protocols to download these lectures were sent via text messages to affected 学生. Please visit for more information.


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